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Octane—A Better Formula

In the competitive world of marketing, where perception is reality, strategy–more often than not–determines who succeeds and who fails. In the vehicle and transportation industries, many organizations struggle to compensate for a lack of strategy. The results are inefficient planning, inadequate positioning, inconsistent messaging– and millions of dollars wasted. OctaneVTM was formulated to fill this strategy gap; bringing effectiveness, intelligence, and control to our client’s marketing efforts–dramatically increasing the value of each dollar spent.

The Value of Our Focus

We concentrate exclusively on the vehicle and transportation industries–we know the terrain. We specialize in strategy, positioning, and branding–we’re experts. And, we dedicate ourselves to both listening to–and understanding–our clients and their marketplace.

The Value of Our Experience

Through the course of their careers, Octane’s staff has had the opportunity to partner with some of the industry’s most respected brands. We offer our clients decades of experience, a confident and enthusiastic approach, and a proven track record of success.

The Value of Our Methodology

Octane has developed two innovative marketing programs: Enginuity™ and Excelerator.™ These proprietary tools result in a solid grasp of our clients’ situation, a clear understanding of their needs, and executable solutions to their communication challenges.

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With Octane as your partner and advisor, you’ll benefit by leveraging our focus, experience, and methodology. Want to increase the power and efficiency of your marketing? Add Octane.


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